Liam Mc Phee and the Thief of Laughter by M. Evangeline
“A refreshingly original story with enough twists and turns to make it a top pick for readers of all ages.”
(Mid-West Book Review)

Marlena Evangeline hails from Southern California. She earned a B.A. in English Literature and a Master of Arts in Composition and Literary Theory from the California State University in San Bernardino and an M.F.A. in fiction from the Writers Workshop at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa.

M. Evangeline took the first steps in her writing career as a part self-discovery, part post-divorce survival Evangeline and began to write about her new unique life experiences.

Navigating her new world with a renewed sense of wonder evolved into a collection of short stories, three novels, multiple chapbooks of poetry, fourteen screenplays and a collection of country western lyrics.

One of her first books, The Orange Blossom Express was nominated for the Editors Book Award by Lawrence Ashmead of Harper-Collins. Evangeline’s poetry has been published by The Pacific Review and  Poetry Motel, which includes Radical Beauty, a collection of poems written by Malibu residents who experienced the Woolsey Fire. In addition to her short stories and fiction, Evangeline has written several screenplays.

Evangeline lived in a boat yard for several years while rebuilding a Navy Utility boat into the yacht, The Ruby Tuesday. She traces that story in the memoir, Raising The Ruby Tuesday, not yet available in print.

Evangeline’s latest young adult fantasy novel, Liam McPhee and the Thief of Laughter is a love story to her daughter and grandchildren for whom the whimsical characters in the book are named after.

Author’s note on Liam McPhee and The Thief of Laughter

A  child recently asked me if Liam McPhee was like Harry Potter, and I laughed.

 “Oh no,” I said.  “Liam McPhee doesn’t fly, and he doesn’t go to Hogwarts!  Liam McPhee is an ordinary boy but he is a very brave ordinary boy that discovers a magical universe.

Liam McPhee, and his neighborhood pals, Sally Sutherland, Izzy Flett, and Mhairi MacDougal all live on the unremarkable Scruncheon Road where they listen to stories at the local book shop and collect seashells during the morning tides by the Greenock docks.

Near the docks they stumble into the world of Hammity Drudge, a cruel Ironmonger, the pirate Rico Sauleri, and a squadron of Dark Faeries intent on  stealing all the  laughter from the children of Scotland.

The Dark Faeries use their evil creatures: the Spriggan’s, the Craven’s, and the Zappon’s to search over all of Scotland and steal children’s laughter.

So you see, Liam McPhee is an ordinary boy  who accidentally stumbles into an extra-ordinary and magical universe.  And once there, he must lead the children on a quest to return Scotland’s laughter.  It is a journey fraught with danger, evil creatures, Dark Faeries, and full of magical surprises.


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“A magic tale that offers fun for young readers, but skews toward adults in scope.” – Kirkus Book Reviews





Liam McPhee and the Thief of Laughter

“Especially recommended for young adults who enjoy multi-book and winding fantasy sagas, Liam McPhee & The Thief of Laughter is refreshingly original tale, well-steeped in Scottish atmosphere and culture, and replete with enough unexpected twists and turns to make it a top pick for all ages”. – Midwest Book Review