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18 January 2010 / By admin

Well everyone. I don’t know where you live but were in Southern California getting hit by many storms one after another. My computer is up for now but the power has gone out three times already.

I’m taking this time meaning the “rainy weather” that isn’t so much fun to go out in and I have been very diligent in writing in my affirmation journal. I’m challenging my self to write three pages of affirmation a day. Now some days are busy & it gets difficult to set that time aside. It is a goal of mine so the first day I managed three pages. Yesterday I only had time for one page. Today is cold & rainy so I will write four pages to play catch up. Still staying true to the goal & commitment I had set for myself. This is fun. So I don’t see or look at is as a “time snatcher”. I look at it as really communicating & putting my desires out there to the Universe. I mean business…I’m putting it in writing. There is no doubt when it has reached the paper. From thought to writing my intentions are serious. Remember to be extremely clear on what your affirmation are. It will manifest beautifully. Enjoy this if you decide to do something like this. I really love it because I look back at later dates & can see so many things that have happened or came to me. I have been writing affirmation’s put to dedicate three pages a day is a new challenge. I also have a manifesto book that I love to write in daily. I am very clear & focus on one manifestation a day. This way I can pour my emotions into what I truly want.

With Divine Love,

Samantha Bennington-Dominguez

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