Candy at School

21 February 2012 / By admin


Many schools do not sell candy in their cafeteria. There are many reasons why schools should not sell candy.

Arguments for:

Kids will get fat if schools sold candy in the cafeteria because candy is not healthy. Kids will buy candy instead of buying healthier food that is good for them. Also, kids will be very hyper after lunch and will not pay attention in class. This will lead to them not learning as much. Kids might also get sick from eating too much candy.

Arguments against:

Kids need to start making their own decisions. If they are presented with different food options they can start to learn to make healthy choices on their own which can help them later in life. Also, schools will make more money. Kids will be excited to have candy sold in their cafeterias and will buy a lot. This way schools will make more money and can buy extra things for their schools.


Even though kids will be happy it is better for their health if school cafeterias did not sell candy.  Kids will fell better if they ate healthy food during the day so they can learn more in class.

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