Control Anger Or Any Other Emotions May Control You

12 August 2010 / By admin

Aug 12, 2010

Control Anger or any other emotions that may control you

 I was recently contacted by a loyal reader who asked for some guidance regarding the subject of anger in her relationship.

This subject is very interesting to me because sometimes we build habits or should I say, “develop triggers”, that bring an emotion out of us that is not a pleasant one or one we so desperately want to change.

Hopefully we become conscious of what we do not like within ourselves & when that happens most of the time we can finally begin to work on that emotion that is not serving us as individuals or within our relationships.

I was very impressed that when I received the email stating the relationship issue’s at hand. The writer, she herself, confessed she becomes angry & doesn’t really understand why.

I will ask this question. Did you ever think of your anger problem as an addiction?

Is it possible that becoming angry with your partner is a habit that was formed over time?

Have you always been angry in an intimate relationship?

Let’s start by asking yourself some pretty deep questions, so that we can find out what the triggers are & where they come from. To really identify the underlining problem and with that identification we can peel away the garbage and get to the healing.

Any habit that has been formed or addiction is not stronger than your SOUL or CHOICE!

 So how about now that your aware you become angry and easily, express to your significant other that you do love him (you did express that to me) and you are doing some deep soul reflection & are committed to your self first, and to the relationship to heal and have that healthy relationship you both desire and deserve. Ask for the support and communicate regularly because with communication & love you both can work through this in a healthy way. The stronger you make the effort to change your behavior pattern the less hard it will be & you will regain your control and evolved genuine enlightened power.


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