02 September 2009 / By admin


Today’s blog is inspired by my best friend.

If you want a “Great Life” make “Great Decisions”

If you want an “Average Life” make “Average Decisions”

If you want to dwell in misery make “Bad Decisions” or “No Decision “at all

A great life requires decision making that is more difficult because your choices are based on a whole. They’re decisions that are made for everyone  & what is best for all involved. The decisions also have to be made for what’s best at that moment. The best choice you can possibly make at that point in time. This is not always easy. Making the right choice sometimes is very difficult & sometimes it hurts. You know then it’s right.


An average decision is going to give you an average result because you did not give your best.


A bad decision is so easy to make because it takes very little effort & you will always receive very little in return.


Making NO decision at all will get you results of disaster.





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