Do the Right Thing

08 December 2009 / By admin

No matter what is going on in your life. Always do the right thing. Take the high road.

Short cuts in your decisions or workman ships will always come back to haunt you. Some people call this Karma.

Throughout your life we are giving choices and are place in situation that are not always pleasant. It is not always easy or affordable to do the right thing. I will tell you this, taking shortcuts will cost you more time, stress, & you will have bigger issues or problems to deal with.

Don’t procrastinate. Deal with issues when they arise. Keep things moving & focus on the positive things in your life & not the negative.

At the Holiday seasons I see many depressed people focusing on what they don’t have & not realizing the miracles they do have.

A great mentor/ friend and I were just discussing this topic. I too need to remind myself of the daily miracles that are in my life.  So you are not alone.

Remember we are human so please don’t beat yourself up when you are out of balance. Just become aware that you are not noticing the wonderful things that are in your life & immediately change your perspective.

Be thankful for all the blessings you do have. Family, friends, a roof over your head, food, warm clothes, toys, etc. remember some people don’t have anything.

So when you get down in out on things not going right or things you don’t have. Think of what is going right & what you do have.

Remember it always works out!



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