Going Deeper into “Keeping your eye on the prize”

13 August 2009 / By admin

You know when you are focused on your goals & really stay focused (of course you have to practice & of course you have to work hard) you will not feel the negativity nearly as much & it makes life so much more enjoyable.

I will use me for an example: I just got home from a trip. A wonderful trip.  With crazy delays! I stayed focused on my goals, getting home, the things & people I was looking forward to seeing & being with.  Made the delays & discomforts much easier. I appreciated it so much more when I returned.

When I returned at home waiting for me  were three big boxes of my complete Lullaby and Children’s Meditation CD’s. This is a moment where a thought had become a tangible reality. I had a thought, made a choice to create this project. Just getting home, I pushed it aside to enjoy my family that was visiting.  The next day we all go to brunch & to do a little shopping for the kids. My mind, always keeping my “EYE ON THE PRIZE” we were in a children’s store & I noticed as we were checking out they had children’s CD’s. I asked the girl at the counter to please call the owner. I know the owner from living here & expressed to her what I was doing & what I recently just had available. She then told me she would sell them in her store. I noticed an opportunity because my “EYE IS ON THE PRIZE”.

Now, yes I know her. This is business and I don’t know her well. I do know she has the greatest Boutique in South Redondo Beach called, “Little Moon”.  I set a meeting with her next week to discuss placement. My first choice of store’s besides my web site and I’m making it happen.

Now when you’re ”EYE IS ON THE PRIZE” you will RECOGNIZE opportunities coming your way. When FOCUSED, you will not miss the opportunity because your mind & heart is open.

Anything worth having takes effort…


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