Happy Holidays!

10 December 2010 / By admin

December 19, 2010

I wanted to wish everyone the happiest & healthiest of Holidays!

This is the time of year where there seems to be so many things we need to do, want to do, & just can’t seem to get it all done without being exhausted. This is a reminder to enjoy what you are doing even if it’s something you have to do. Just be your best & get things done in a calm manner. You will reflect & hopefully feel the feeling of,  “Wow, that wasn’t so bad!” & “That turned out better than I thought”. I think you get the basic idea.

I can share something that I’ve been experiencing & it’s new for me. I’m normally very organized & ahead of the game. This past year I have had so much on my plate that literally everything has been to the last minute and I mean last minute! It always works out though. I’m not a control freak type of person although as a woman I like to have my household a certain way. I don’t get made if the kids leave toys all over, as long as when they’re done they clean up. I don’t get upset with spilled milk or the dogs running through the house tracking in mud or dirt. That’s life & toys can be put away, milk, mud, dirt, or whatever, fill in the blank can get cleaned. I keep saying, ‘Nothing like the last minute”. I laugh because it’s always just how it is supposed to be. You know now, I don’t feel guilty in the least bit if I decide to change plans, do something for me, or play hooky with my son & just enjoy him because I know it will all come together. I’m not a lazy person & I’m not saying, “Blow off your responsibilities at all!” what I am saying is enjoy your life, live, live well & in your moment. That’s all we really have.  I realized that weather ahead of the game or at the last minute as long as you are enjoying your self & what you do, it doesn’t matter either way.

I think if you are stressed out doing what needs to get done, that’s when a change of perspective is needed. Stop, breath, ask yourself what’s the most important task at hand then focus on one thing at a time. Always know that everything is always in alignment with the Universe. I know I say this a lot but it’s true & a friendly reminder at one of the busiest times of the year.

So relax! Be with loved ones. If your far away from loved ones or even friends, then volunteer & be there for someone else that has no one or far greater needs than your own. There is not a single good reason for bah humbug attitude!