Liam Mc Phee and the Thief of Laughter

“A magic tale that offers fun for young readers, but skews toward adults in scope.” – Kirkus Book Reviews


“Especially recommended for young adults who enjoy multi-book and winding fantasy sagas, Liam McPhee & The Thief of Laughter is refreshingly original tale, well-steeped in Scottish atmosphere and culture, and replete with enough unexpected twists and turns to make it a top pick for all ages”. – Midwest Book Review

The Journey to Liam McPhee and the Thief of Laughter

After my first grandchild was born, my daughter suggested I try writing something more Disney oriented rather than my current Sylvia Plath point-of-view … I agreed and spent months trying to find a path into the story.

I did a lot of research on Scottish myth, haunted book shops in Scotland, collecting odd and eclectic bits of information; odd and ancient books on Scottish faeries that I hauled home until I had enormous stacks of little known books that bulged with fascinating stories about Scots and Scots faeries.

These old little known books seemed to have a mystical energy of their own and I wove that mystical yarn into my own story of Liam McPhee so the story holds a magical past in its pages as well as a magical presence and finally found a way into this enchanting story. When I found the magical faery flag of Dunvegan Castle, I took a bus to Skye to see the castle and the magical relic.
And while the story started with Liam, my first grandchild, by the time the last of four hundred pages rolled around, Mhairi and Isaac had joined the family so I had to change character names to satisfy my growing crowd of grandchildren. And what fun it has been, we’ve had a lot of laughs in the journey.

It has been an extraordinary journey this book.