ACETYLENE WHORES: (Medium Budget)Revenge gone well. A light- hearted chick/road trip flick in the spirit of Thelma and Louise.

ONE SWEET LIE: (Medium Budget) Romantic Comedy. A man pretends to be gay to win the affection of a girl.  Cross- dressing, mistaken identifies. . .

INTOXICATION: (Medium Budget) A poet adopts Nick Nolte as a muse. An edgy dark comedy that explores the ideas of poetry, illusion, imagination, romance and the romance of language.

RAISING THE RUBY TUESDAY: Adventure drama.(Medium Budget) A woman builds a boat in a male dominated fishing port. Based on true events.

SHE PIRATES OF THE WILD DEEP SEA, (High Budget) An adaption of the true story of Mary Read and Ann Bonny. Cross dressing, mistaken identities, adventure. Period Drama and Adventure, 1700s.

BLOOD, An adaptation of the true Madam Bathory Story. (Medium Budget) Period Horror – musical. 1500s.

THE ORANGE BLOSSOM EXPRESS, (High Budget) A drug smuggler and the woman who loves him come of age in 1969. Period drama.  Based on true events.

LIAM MCPHEE and THE THIEF OF LAUGHTER, a faery tale An evil faerie, a pirate and an iron monger steal all the laughter from the children of Scotland.

Part II. Children embark on a quest to return the laughter

Part III.  The return of all of Scotland’s laughter.

ICE. Thriller in the spirit of Jaws. (Medium – High Budget) A prehistoric dunkelostis hatches from a hunk of ice and terrorizes a modern ships crew investigating the ancient wreck of the ship that carried the ice from Alaska to San Francisco. (Medium –High budget)

THE UNMARRIED WIFE. Low Budget. A philosophical dialogue. Novella, Script, Play.